Mental Health & Mental Illness


When speaking about mental health and well-being it can be important to consider how this is different to mental illness.

Mental illness refers to specific diagnoses that have a number of key symptoms. For example, for a diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder, someone needs to have experienced a number of behaviours and feelings in the past month in order to fulfil a diagnosis. Mental Illness comes from a deficit perspective, focusing on the negative experiences someone may be having. 

Mental Health addresses someone’s psychological health and well-being. Mental Health focuses on a strengths and growth approach. Many people believe that when seeking psychological support, you’re experiencing mental illness.  However, psychological therapeutic support can be for anyone.

Just as it’s important to seek support when experiencing mental illness, it can be just as important to access therapeutic support to assist your mental health and wellness. By seeking support to bolster your mental health, you are taking a proactive approach to ensure your mental health stays strong and resilient.

Whether you are experiencing mental illness, are concerned that you may be experiencing early symptoms of a mental illness, or you would like to explore strategies to bolster your mental health, Piece by Piece Therapies can assist you at any stage in your mental health journey.  At Piece by Piece Therapies we are trained Psychologists with a wide range of skills and expertise to help with mental illness and mental health.

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